StormTight II Modules

StormTight II LED – ACLW-CW2, ACLW-CW3 and ACLW-CW5

Our Brightest and Best

  • Compact housing for easier installation
  • Sealed construction for reliable, moisture proof, all weather tight operation and durability
  • High output and lower profile LEDs for improved illumination
  • White plastic body for better reflectivity with metal back housing for cooler, longer life operation
  • New single mount screw hole for easier installation (ACLW-CW2 and CW3)
  • 120° beam angle for even illumination
  • 6500°K for brighter and whiter faces
  • High density fire resistant plastic for outdoor protection






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Brochure - StormTight II
Brochure - Power Supplies
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