“Allanson wants you to look your best.”

We can review your entire lighting program and assist you in determining the optimal product mix to maximize your sign’s impact and efficiency.  Please contact us to discuss your project with us. Or email us at

Color RenditionAllanson Estimations

Allanson will provide data that recommends the best products for your color scheme。

Illumination Consistency

Hot spots or visible lamps in a sign dramatically distracts from the sign’s effectiveness.  Our team of experts will review your project and recommend the best location of the light source within the cabinet or letter.  This will ensure consistent illumination across the sign face, including corners, narrow strokes, serifs and other hard to reach areas.

Energy Efficiency

Environmental responsibility is an important consideration today.  Our team will review your entire lighting program and recommend the most energy efficient LED products to optimize your illumination at the lowest annual operating cost.  Our products are all “green friendly” and are designed to use the least amount of energy.


We will also recommend designs that will prolong the life of power supplies. This will make the difference between a power supply lasting 1-2 years or 10 years plus.

Service Planning

Our engineers will provide you with long-term service and maintenance planning to ensure that your sign lasts as long as possible。

Service Call Efficiency

Allanson will provide reliable service products that are designed to minimize expensive service calls。  It will no longer be necessary to make multiple visits to a site。

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