About Us

“At Allanson, our goal is to be the most customer attentive company in our industry as the leader in providing new products and unmatched service and quality。”

Allanson has brought innovation to the Lighting Markets since 1926 by designing, patenting and engineering innovative electrical products.

These products include:  High output fluorescent ballasts, High Intensity Discharge Ballasts, Transformers, and power supplies for neon signage and “beer signs”, as well as oil heating ignition transformers for residential and industrial applications。

Our comprehensive line of LED products and accessories is the newest addition to our Lighting Products.

Our emphasis on innovation has kept the Allanson spirit young and full of vitality.  We continue to research and develop new products for the Lighting market as we have prospered and grown our company into one of the most respected electrics manufacturers in North America.

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